Dukes Hardcore Honeys

I am an erotics artist who owns the erotic comic website www.dukeshardcorehoneys.com which showcases curvy women of all adult ages both young and mature. I cover many preferences such as interracial, cheating wives, interracial, superheroines, big butt, curvy hips, big tits, and much more. I will be periodically sending samples here. let me know what you guys think.

cappasundagroundlounge asked: Will you make any more strips starring Alyssa the MILF? imagebam com/image/d468ce330176213

I did think of two more chapters but once I come up with a full fledge story I’ll continue it.

Anonymous asked: when will we see mrs keagan in big ass teachers ? also what about the conclusion of proposition 2 volume 8

Volume 8 is done volume 9-20 I’m working on now proposition will be back late June as im adding updated work that’s already colored with text/dialogue while I work on it finishing the proposition.

Updates will be up later tonight

Anonymous asked: New Ms. Richards story is the tops u gonna make it to a comic?

Yes I will

Anonymous asked: Duke, Your work is amazing! I've spent many hours jerking to your comics. Any more Embella on the horizon?

I mapped out a 6 part story that I’m doing the breakdown sketches for 

zasuki12 asked: hey duke ,,,you propobly asked by this question before sow did you going to make one like RUSH HOUR?????

In the summerwhere I’ll have plenty of time.  I’m going to work on drawing about a dozen new stories for the taboo section Including some like rush hour.

Anonymous asked: Hey Duke! Close Encounters will take to come out?

If the color is it doesn’t get back to me I’ll color it myself