Dukes Hardcore Honeys

I am an erotics artist who owns the erotic comic website www.dukeshardcorehoneys.com which showcases curvy women of all adult ages both young and mature. I cover many preferences such as interracial, cheating wives, interracial, superheroines, big butt, curvy hips, big tits, and much more. I will be periodically sending samples here. let me know what you guys think.

Hardcore Honeys Update

November 25, 2013 - updated Oneshots vol. 7 (Gallery section) and “The secret of teacher Azalea” vol. 2 in the 3D Gallery (MILFS GALLERY

Getting home late tonight but the update will Still be up tonight

Anonymous asked: Man im a member and I feel like we are getting screwed over…Mocha episode 3 was like 45s long and half of it was from part 2…we are paying but its like you are prolonging it to get money from us.

You can cut out the conspiracy theories my friend. you are paying to see EVERYTHING on the website not just the  web episodes. also. my animator lives in the Philippines and at the time that he was doing this episode a  typhoon hit them over there so I give him much respect for sending me what he could given the circumstances. some episodes will be longer than others.

Anonymous asked: I agree with the last guy great story. This series is just as good as Plums. Will there be a sinister ending as well? Can't wait for the next update hopefully sooner than later.

Thanks! also, don’t wanna give away an ending at the beginning. that would suck.