Dukes Hardcore Honeys

I am an erotics artist who owns the erotic comic website www.dukeshardcorehoneys.com which showcases curvy women of all adult ages both young and mature. I cover many preferences such as interracial, cheating wives, interracial, superheroines, big butt, curvy hips, big tits, and much more. I will be periodically sending samples here. let me know what you guys think.

Happy labor day!! New updates up with Prison Ladies by Moiarte (Big ass 3D GALLERY) Keagan will be up on wednesdays update.  http://www.dukeshardcorehoneys.com/

Anonymous asked: Duke you are doing a good job. However want to se Mrs keagan in Big Ass Teachers.I would also like to see more of Ms Jiggles in looping animation for recent chapter Twerking Gilf as well as more chapters generally.

good request for the animations I’ll see what I can do. im currently storyboarding Ideas for keagan in big ass teachers 3d which will be created in the upcoming weeks.

Anonymous asked: Will Mrs Donvon feature in the Proposition series for a nice hot chochlate fuck from Taylor as Duncuns black friends pimp their friends mom to Taylor for some more big plump booty fuck

im not sure yet. maybe later in the storyline