Dukes Hardcore Honeys

I am an erotics artist who owns the erotic comic website www.dukeshardcorehoneys.com which showcases curvy women of all adult ages both young and mature. I cover many preferences such as interracial, cheating wives, interracial, superheroines, big butt, curvy hips, big tits, and much more. I will be periodically sending samples here. let me know what you guys think.

Anonymous asked: Hey duke're doing a good job, I have a question... if you can see a scene of interracial gangbang DAP (double anal penetration) of mrs Keagan in the proposition 2? Thanks!

Yes that will happen when she is filming summer her scenes

Anonymous asked: Yo Duke, just wanna say I love your style and this the site. My question is : Will we be seeing more taboo shit in the future? That nun story, ms. giggles, incest and the alien stuff is some of my favorite stuff for the simple fact your not supposed to do it, LOL


Anonymous asked: Hey Dke will you keep going with Mrs. Hani and Mrs. Keagan, I live this Erotics HQ Dude, Please Go on witht them. I'm waiting for the continuation of these stories.

I’m not sure who the do it is that you’re talking about but Keegan will be ongoing with other comics sprinkled in between