Dukes Hardcore Honeys

I am an erotics artist who owns the erotic comic website www.dukeshardcorehoneys.com which showcases curvy women of all adult ages both young and mature. I cover many preferences such as interracial, cheating wives, interracial, superheroines, big butt, curvy hips, big tits, and much more. I will be periodically sending samples here. let me know what you guys think.

Just a reminder that I’ll be out of my country for a week so the updates on the site will be mainly animations in 3d comics till I return to add some of my original work.

Anonymous asked: I'm a HUGE Dyme and Embella fan. When will we so both again?

Im working on the breakdown sketches of embella this week while im on vacation as for dyme, the next time you see her will be in oneshots and during the Animated web episodes in the future

Chilling on miami. Having fun, a lil tipsy, but managed to sketch out issues 15 to 20 of the propsition2 during a 5 hour flight earlier